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Advance Diploma in Financial Accounting




  1. Computer Organization
  2. Windows/Internet Tools
  3. Word Processing
  4. Formatting
  5. Paragraph Settings
  6. Styles and Tables
  7. Illustrations
  8. Header/Footer
  9. Macro/Themes
  10. Pages Settings
  11. Reference & Mail Merge
  12. Tracking & File Protection
  1. Concept of Presentation
  2. Slide Layouts
  3. Drawing/Editing, Insert Tables
  4. Illustrations/Links/Charts
  5. Media Clips, Pages Settings
  6. Themes, Background
  7. Animations Slide Transitions
  8. Rehearse, Timings
  9. Show Setup
  10. Presentation View
  1. Excel Interface
  2. Excel Formula & Functions
  3. Tables
  4. If Functions
  5. Home Tab
  6. Pivot Table
  7. Define Names
  8. Data Entry
  9. Conditional Formatting
  10. Cell Formatting, Sort & Filter
  11. Insert Chart
  12. Page Setting, Salary Sheet
  13. Pivot Chart
  14. Number Formats, Styles




  1. Data Validation
  2. Advanced Functions
  3. Printing Setup
  4. Goal Seek
  5. Slicer In Pivot
  6. Excel Customization
  7. Advance Filter, Formula Auditing
  8. Data Import & Data Validation
  9. Consolidation
  10. Timeline In Pivot
  11. Handling Formula Error
  12. Advance Charting, Charts & Graphs
  1. Accounting Fundamentals
  2. Voucher
  3. Bill Wise Entry & Details
  4. Order Processing
  5. Bill Of Material
  6. Actual & Billed Quantity
  7. Interest Calculation
  8. Export and XML Data
  9. Tally Overview
  10. Inventory
  11. Cost Center
  12. Price List
  13. Zero Value Entries
  14. Debit & Credit Notes
  15. Multiple Currencies
  16. Security Control
  1. Overview of Goods and Services Tax
  2. Entries Related to GST
  3. GSTR1
  4. GSTR3B
  5. No Input Tax Credit
  6. RCM in case of Rent
  7. Terms Associated with GST
  8. Tax System Computation
  9. GSTR2A/2B
  10. GST Working / Reconciliation
  11. RCM (Reverse Charge Mechanism)




  1. Income Tax
  2. Income From House Property                     (HRA Computation)
  3. Deductions
  4. Online ITR Filing
  5. Capital Gain
  6. Advance Tax
  7. Debtor/Vendor Reconciliation
  8. Treatment OF GIFT
  9. Retirement Benefits
  10. Section 197 and Form 13
  11. No Deduction For Transporter [194C (6)]
  12. Losses Under Different Heads
  13. Income From Business & Profession
  14. Income From Other Sources
  15. Bank Reconciliation
  16. Section 197A & Form 15G/15H
  1. Intro
  2. TSD On Professional Charges
  3. TDS On Commission
  4. TDS On Contract
  5. TDS On Interest
  6. TDS On Purchase
  7. TDS Challan Payment
  8. How To Get TDS Certificate
  9. TDS On Sale Of Immovable Property
  10. TDS Return Filing (24Q, 26Q)
  1.  Excel Training & Reports                               (Level-1)
  2. Advanced Spreadsheet Mastery                                (Level-2)
  3.  Includes Data Related To Bussiness Operation : –                                                     * Sales                                                           * Employee Performance                             * Production                                                    * Revenue Generated 

"Step into the world of financial expertise as you venture into the heart of the Premium Financial Accounting Course in Delhi.

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12th Passed Students

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Working Professionals

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The Advanced Excel course at GICT exceeded my expectations. I now feel confident in my Excel skills.   

GICT Institute was outstanding it offers top-notch Financial Accounting Course in Delhi.

Highly recommended😊👌

The Tally course at this institute was fantastic! Enhanced my accounting skills significantly.Highly recommend this institute for Tally training 

Frequently Asked Questions

 Financial accounting is all about understanding a business's money - how it's earned, spent, and recorded. It helps you make sense of financial reports and statements.

You'll learn the basics like reading balance sheets and income statements. We'll also cover practical stuff, like how to use accounting software and record transactions.

Absolutely! Once you finish the course and any tests, you'll get a certificate. It's a nice addition to your resume.

You'll have a strong foundation in financial accounting. It can open doors to jobs in finance, and business, or even help you manage your own finances better.

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Unit of Global EduCareer Solutions.
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Opp. Metro Pillar No. 570

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All Rights Reserved to GICT Since 2008