There are many fields and career opportunities that unlock after pursuing a course in computer accounting. A Computer Accountant is responsible to prepare the financial statements of a business firm or a company in a computerized format. A Computer Account is responsible to enter financial data into the book of accounts on a daily basis.  The accounting data can be recorded in various accounting software.

Various sectors are offering jobs after pursuing a career in Financial Accounting in computers like Investment Sector, Insurance Sector, Human Resource Departments. Government and Private Banks, Finance Sector, BPOs, etc.

The Advanced Diploma holders are offered job roles including Advisory Roles, Financial Compliance Auditing, Financial Data Analysis, Financial Data Management, Financial Report Preparation, etc.



  1. Financial Data Management:One of the major responsibilities of an accountant is to collect and maintain the organization’s financial information. They make sure that the storage of financial accounts is done as per the legal compliances and approved procedures.
  1. Financial Data Analysis:In case of any financial misdeeds or differences, computer accountants analyze all the financial data to resolve these issues. They can also suggest some competent resources and events for specific financial deficiencies or problems.
  1. Financial Compliance Auditing:They are also responsible to follow all the legal compliances related to financial reporting deadlines. In accounts, the authorities have specified quarterly, monthly, and annual financial reporting systems, which should be met on time to avoid penalties. If financial compliance is not met on time, then there might be some tax consequences.
  1. Advisory Role:The accountants are also liable to provide financial advice on business operations from time to time. The advisory role includes information regarding revenue trends, financial obligations, upcoming profits opportunities, etc. as per the financial reports.
  1. Financial Report Preparation:Computer accountants prepare financial reports on the basis of a monthly or annual transaction of the business. These financial reports are frequently used by the organization for the growth, expansion, and execution of financial strategies of the business organization.

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